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Published December 2009


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ISBN: 978-0-9819553-3-9


"Cloyne Court" is a fine memoir and a read well worth considering." Midwest Book Review

"If you enjoyed the classic comedy film Animal House, you’ll appreciate reading Dodie Katague’s wild and crazy memoir." Tony R. Rodriquez – San Francisco

"There is something about those first years, which keeps a hold on us for the rest of our adult lives … something which the writer has caught very well." Celia Hayes "Sgt. Mom"


Published February 2009


ISBN: 978-0-9819553-0-8


Honorable Mentions in Fiction from:


2009 San Francisco Book Festival

2009 Hollywood Book Festival

2008 London Book Festival


The love story Sir Robert Hart didn't want the world to discover.


Author's Blog: iLook China 



Published January 2010


ISBN: 978-0-9819553-1-5



The National Best Books 2010 Awards

Historical Fiction


Honorable Mentions in Fiction from:

2009 Los Angeles Book Festival

2009 Nashville Book Festival

2009 London Book Festival

2009 DIY Book Festival


He was the only foreigner the Emperor of China trusted.


Author's Blog: iLook China




Publication Date: October 2010


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ISBN: 978-0-9819553-5-3

Author's Blog: Left Coast Voices

“To push for a better world is not always everyone’s first goal. “The Accidental Activist” is a novel drawing on author Alon Shalev’s own experiences to tell the story of a court case with the world on its shoulders. Focused on the real events of a libel case against McDonalds in the 1990s in London, 'The Accidental Activist' uses reality to enrich the fiction and leads to a very entertaining read that pulls no punches or censors no events.”
—  Midwest Book Review

“TheAccidental Activist is a remarkable read because it is based on a court case that has happened and will most likely happen again.  The advent of the Internet as a tool for the individual to make a difference is a powerful and inspirational message.” New York Times Bestselling Author Robert Dugoni – The Jury Master, The Cyanide Canary and Damage Control.

“Alon Shalev creates a case that could have been ripped from today's headlines and in so doing, confronts head on the horror of corporate misconduct and the limitations of free speech, as well as our current concerns about the environment.” Richard Wolinsky, KPFA-FM, Berkeley, Cover-to-Cover.

"I highly recommend this story with a high 5 Book rating! Complete with laughable British humor, this story will hook you from first page to last, as you take a ride of romance, dodging the downfalls and trying to over come the legalities of a harsh time."
Reviews by Molly


Publication Date: June 2011

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The Concubine Saga brings together "My Splendid Concubine" and "Our Hart" as one novel instead of two.

2008 Reviews

2009 Reviews

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2011 Reviews

The Concubine Saga's

- Hardcover Limited Edition -

ISBN: 978-0-9819553-7-7

The signed hardcover, limited edition has its own ISBN number and there will only be 500 copies. When the 500 copies are sold, this ISBN number will be retired.

$28.95 US plus
$10.00 for shipping and handling for a total of $38.95 within the continential United States. If FedEx is requested or shipping outside the United States, shipping will cost more.


Publication Date: June 2011

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Author's Blog:
Left Coast Voices

"A beautiful and elegiac evocation of a timeless Britain and of a man of the ancient ways of the earth who brings peace and healing where the flames of persecution once burned."
— Vivianne Crowley, High Priestess of Britain